Part-Time Technical Writer

About Audo AI

Audo AI is bringing state of the art artificial intelligence to the media processing industry through simple-to-use, powerful, developer-facing APIs. Audo AI APIs will radically improve every stage in digital media processing from capturing and enhancing to editing and distribution empowering businesses to create amazing new experiences.

Hold up, what does that actually mean?

Check out our website to see where we are at the moment. We’re starting with the audio processing space. So far we have implemented deep noise removal, and we have plans for implementing real-time audio super-resolution, reverb removal, along with a number of audio-processing related APIs, and that’s just the start.

About this role

We are looking for someone to write technical blog posts and create developer-facing documentation.

In this role you will be responsible for researching various topics in the domain of audio processing and artificial intelligence to write technical blog posts. You should be able to develop the content for the blog yourself, but we expect you to collaborate with the technical team to ensure the quality of the content. The blog will be used to promote the Audo AI brand, to educate developers about our technology and its potential applications, and to provide general knowledge on topics we are experts in.

You will also be responsible for writing documentation for our public facing APIs. This will be in the form of both documentation pages and developer tutorials.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Great at writing content with clear, concise language
  • Passion for learning about new topics
  • Interest in the audio processing field
  • Software development experience

About the team

We’re engineers who have experience building media processing tools, state of the art deep learning models, and scalable and clean code. You’ll be working closely with us to build out the next generation media processing software!

Pay & hours

  • $14/hour
  • Flexible schedule, up to 20 hours a week


To apply, send us your resume and with a technical writing sample from a personal blog, medium,, etc to and we will follow up shortly. If you don't have a writing sample published online, you can send us a sample in the email cover letter.