An API to Remove Background Noise and Enhance Speech is the best way to improve your users listening experience. We provide a simple API to give your users clear and intelligible speech recordings in any environment.

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We created a free tool to show off the magic. You can easily remove background noise and enhance your speech now!

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Give your users clean and clear speech recordings in any environment. Our API can mute obnoxious background noise from street traffic to dogs barking and much more! We remove the distraction and enhance speech!

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We're working hard to build out features that you need.

Batch Noise Removal API

Great for cleaning and enhancing speech as a post-processing feature.

Streaming Noise Removal API

When your users need clean and intelligible speech in real-time communication applications.

Admin Dashboard

To view API usage, account information, and more.

Built by Developers, Inspired by Science makes it easy to build and deliver high-quality speech recordings to your users with a few lines of code. We aim to create great tech that is simple to use and easy to integrate. We've done extensive research and development in the intersection of audio engineering and machine learning to provide you with state of the art technology.


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