The Noise Cancellation API For Developers

Audo API is the best way to improve your users listening experience. With a simple API, your product can remove background noise to give your users clear and intelligible speech recordings in any environment.

Hear The Difference With Audo Studio

Noise is Distracting - Let's Mute it

Our API can mute obnoxious background noise like street traffic, dogs barking, microphone buzz, and everything in between! Silence the disruptions with Audo AI.

Improve UX
Reduce Fatigue
Improve Quality

Get Started In Minutes

We offer simple API's and SDK's to quickly integrate into your product.

Batch Noise Removal API

Great for cleaning and enhancing speech as a post-processing feature.

Streaming Noise Removal SDK

When your users need clean and intelligible speech in real-time communication applications.

Admin Dashboard

To view API usage, account information, and more.

Built by Developers, Inspired by Science

Our proprietary AI noise removal technology is built on extensive research at the intersection of machine learning and audio engineering. We're developers building state of the art audio tools for developers.

Try our live demo

Our AI Noise Removal Algorithm can automatically remove undesirable background noise of any kind! Here's proof.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay


Pay for what you need!

  • Free 200 Minutes
  • Priority Support
  • Lightning Fast Turnaround Times


Get a customized pricing plan catered towards your business

  • Custom Pricing Plan
  • Volume Discount
  • Dedicated Clusters (Optional)
  • On Premise Deployment (Optional)
  • Custom Turnaround time
  • Priority Support
Contact Us

Request Access

Get full and unrestricted access to our Noise Removal API. If you are not a developer, you may be interested in our user-friendly app Audo Studio

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