4 Best Artificial Intelligence Software to  Boost Content Creators Productivity In 2021- Audo Studio.

 4 Best Artificial Intelligence Software to  Boost Content Creators Productivity In 2021- Audo Studio.

The Creator's economy is consistently growing and in 2021 alone, it has been recorded to be jaw dropping $1.3 billion. There is no better time to be a part of this fast growing industry.

It can be difficult to come up with new ideas as we all get creative blockage over time, like who doesn’t? It's difficult to produce unique content regularly.

But not anymore! Artificial intelligence will help you to overcome any issues you may come across. Although we can't completely replace human intelligence, these programs will assist you in improving your skills.


In this article, we have covered

  • 5 best ai software for digital creators (Content writers, podcasters, audio editors)

  • The key feature of this software 

  • Pocket-friendly pricing  

Top recommendations 

Audo Studio 

What is Audo studio?

This audio editing software can make your audio recordings studio quality with only two clicks. The software uses Artificial Intelligence to remove background noise, remove echoes, and automatically level your audio volume to sound pleasant. We assure you that it will exceed your expectations. Audo studio is consistently growing and sooner than later, it will be one of the leading Audio Editing software. If you need to edit audio while recording, audo studio is a must-have tool belt.

Screenshot 2021-09-04 230733.png


Here are the reasons you should go with the audo studio.

Key features

  • Removes background noise in a matter of seconds, with only 2 clicks 

  • Automatically reduces echoes/reverb (coming soon)

  • Simple trimming of audio or video files (Coming soon)

  • Record and create new audio files directly on the app (Coming Soon)


Audo Studio offers 2 packages for content creators like you. If you have some experience and want to elevate your sounds with autotune, considering a $12/month package would be best. 

Do you have a large studio that processes large amounts of audio? We recommend going with the premium version. The prices differ as per your requirements, so to know further contact us. 

You can also test our services if you are not sure by opting for the ‘Starter’ package. 


Do you struggle to come up with creative ideas for your website or are you unable to engage your audience on your posts? Copy.ai can help you. This ai software can generate creative writing within minutes. The copy comes across so authentically that it may be difficult to otherwise detect that it was not written by a human.


Key Features

  • Produces straightforward and engaging copy

  • Social media captions, carousels, and hacks

  • All things related to blog (Blog title, content, and meta description)  

  • All sorts of sales copy (Before-After bridge, Angles of Marketing, and many more)


There are two exclusive packages offered by Copy.ai. The ‘Solo package' costs $420 per year and $49 per month, and you get unlimited access to all features and customer support. 

Those with a large business might want to pick the 'Multiple Seats' option as it offers collaborative tools. The price varies according to your needs. 


Wordtune is a chrome extension that can help you with rephrasing your ideas in a simpler way. It goes without saying that Wordtune is one of the best rewriting software on the market that is giving Grammarly severe competition. 

You can choose from the many options for rewriting your sentence or article provided by Wordtune, what else can you ask for?. It does not change human emotion rather it enhances the content with highly advanced software. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 10.42.22 AM.png

Key Features

  • It is a free chrome extension that works on all platforms ( Gmail, Google docs, Facebook, Twitter, and more) 

  • Helps to express your ideas effectively by rewriting 

  • Best for repurpose content   


There are two plans of WordTune available starting at $9.99 and billed as $119 annually, which allows you to save up to 60%. If you buy a premium plan you will have access to features like friendly and formal tone, shortening and expanding, along with rewriting capabilities.

For larger businesses, we suggest you take a look at the premium team tier plan. With this plan, you will get all the premium plan features as well as premium support and team billing. 

The price of this plan will vary depending on your business needs. 

Article Forge  

Article forge is a remarkably developed ai software that is used for generating quality content. You get unique content no matter the niche with article forge. It mimics the way human research works to get the exact results if it was written by humans. 

This ai software that automatically creates titles, SEO keywords, backup links for your article, Article forge is for you. This pocket-friendly software creates catchy and natural content. We can’t stress how important the article forge is for your business. 


Key Features 

  • It can generate SEO friendly in 7 languages

  • You can post your blog on WordPress site

  • Your article passes CopyScape to ensure your article is 100% unique  

  • You can customize your article as per your preference 

  • You get 60 seconds article turnaround 


Article forge offers 2 packages that are on a monthly or yearly basis. The monthly package will cost you $57 and be billed monthly. The yearly plan will charge you $27 and be billed monthly. You get a staggering $30 off on a yearly plan with the same features, isn't that amazing?

Wrapping up 

These tools are easy and fun to use on a day-to-day basis. If you are skeptical and unsure about investing in artificial intelligence software, check out their free trials. So what are you waiting for? Get your artificial intelligence software and scale up your content creation today!

Which ai software are you excited to use? 

-Aaditya Mishra 

Automagically Make Audio Recordings Studio Quality

Use the latest advancement in audio processing and artificial intelligence to automatically remove background noise and enhance your speech

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