5 Best Software For Podcasters In 2022

5 Best Software For Podcasters In 2022

The success of your podcast depends on the quality content you bring to your audience. Your content can be improved with the help of software but the market is crowded with many tools, making choosing podcast software challenges. A perfect software should be budget-friendly, advanced features, and fits all your needs. 

In this article, we will take you through 5 leading software for podcasters. We have recommended a wide range of software from hosting podcasts to editing your audio clip.  

Our top recommendation 

Audo Studio

Audo Studio is an AI background noise removal tool that can remove almost all that irritating background noise from your audio clips with just a click of a button.

Audo studio

Best features of Audo Studio

  • Best AI software for removing background noise

  • Auto volume to ensure your listeners will always hear what is spoken

  • Users can trim undesired clips (Fall of 2021)

  • Removes echoes from the clip automatically (Fall of 2021)


 Audo studio offers three plans designed for all types of users. 

Starter plan- It is a free plan for individuals who occasionally need audio cleaning. You get various features like noise removal, dereverberation (echo removal), and auto volume.

Creator plan- It is $12 billed monthly for the creators who need to maximize their productivity. In addition to all the features in the starter plan, you will get upto 10 hours of enhancements per month. 

Studio plan-  This plan is for studios that process a large amount of audio per month. You get all our exclusive features along with our premium support. The price for this plan varies as it is personalized as dependent on the use case. 


During the pandemic, podcasters shifted to the remote platforms from the typical studio. So does Squadcast provide quality remote content production? Squadcast enables you to have a meaningful conversation with your guests remotely. Moreover, there is no syncing of audio or losing audio recording while using this platform. 

squad cast

 Podcasters prefer this platform over others because of its reliability and easy-to-use interface. It is a cloud-based technology that is important for podcasters for producing multiple shows.           

Why you should consider Sqaudcast

  • Helps in recording podcasts with high-quality effects  

  • Users can pay on an hourly basis 

  • You can record and review your podcast anytime 

  • Highly beginner-friendly. 

  • Customers get access to Greenroom    


Squadcast offers its users 3 plans that fit all their requirements.

Essential plan- Starts at $0/month and users get unlimited usage time for free. This plan is best if you have a small business with up to 10 members.

Pro plan- starts at $9/user every month with unlimited users. You get various services and we recommend you to go with this plan as it is budget-friendly if you are starting.

Enterprise plan- Starts at $19/user billed annually. You get reliability orchestration at scale along with all other features in the pro plan. 

We recommend you go with annual billing to get a discount on the price. 


It is a podcast hosting platform with rock-solid features and easy to use interface. It is super easy to distribute your show as it gives you a one-stop place for all the information you need to be listed in every directory. Buzzsprout shines over other platforms because they provide tons of features with a simple approach.

buzz sprout

Some of the highly popular features are- 

  • The best option for hosting, to get listed in the top podcast recommendation 

  • Users get metrics to track your progress 

  • Starter friendly prices 

  • Top-rated customer care support 



The subscription of Buzzsprout starts from $12 for 3 hours of upload. If you want more time for your uploads then you can check out their other subscription. For 6 hours of upload, you would have to pay $18, and for a 12-hour upload, $24 per month will be charged.  


If you want to host a meeting or podcast and want an alternative for zoom, Whereby is the one you should consider. It gives you the flexibility to host your podcast as there is no need to download any software or app. You can record, download, and share your audio clip all on this platform with your phone, what else can you ask for? 


Key features of Whereby-

  • Remote web hosting and recording software

  • Best for web conferencing 

  • Beginners can start on this platform 

  • Unlimited one on one meeting 


Whereby offers a free plan to its users without asking for a credit or debit card. Now, as you have used the free version you can move to the pro plan.

Pro plan- $6.99/ month with up to 9 licenses per count. You get exciting features like unlimited group meetings, company branding, etc.  

Business plan- $9.99/month with unlimited licenses. As the plan suggests, it is curated for businesses to get on with their meetings effortlessly.   

Hindenburg Journalist

Hindenburg is a multitrack audio editor helping podcasters, radio journalists, and audio producers. You can record uncompressed audio clips with great audio quality. 

hidenburg journalist

Features of Hindenburg-

  • The best option for radio broadcasters and podcasters helps to merge multiple clips together 

  • Uploads your final recording automatically 

  • High production value 

  • Organize the material 

  • Edit the audio 


You can buy the Hindenburg Journalist Pro plan for one time $375. If you want a budget-friendly plan, you may want to check out the Hindenburg app for $95 instead. 

Let’s wrap up 

In this article, we have recommended the best software for podcasters but now it’s you who decides the software that meets at least all your needs. We suggest you take a look at their website, do your research, and then invest. We wish you a successful journey as a new podcaster.

-Aaditya Mishra 


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