5 Best Tools for YouTubers in 2022 - Audo Studio                           

 5 best software for pro YouTubers in 2022

In this article, you will learn...

  • The importance of quality software in your YouTube journey 

  • The top software recommendations to make you a more productive YouTuber

Our Top Recommendation 

Audo Studio

This easy-to-use AI software helps you clean up your audio with a single click of a button. Audo Studio enables YouTube creators to create studio-quality recordings, by using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to automatically detect noise in your audio, and remove it! The interface of this AI-powered software can be super convenient especially if you want to avoid the complexity of other editing software. Sign up and test it yourself, and yes, there is a free plan.


Top features 

  • Best AI software for removing background noise

  • Auto volume to ensure your listeners will always hear what is spoken

  • Users can trim undesired clips (Fall of 2021)

  • Removes echoes from the clip automatically (Fall of 2021)


Check out our free plan and start your effortless editing today.


Starter plan - It is a free plan for individuals who occasionally need audio cleaning. You get various features like noise removal, dereverberation (echo removal), and auto volume.

Creator plan - It is $12 billed monthly for the creators who need to maximize their productivity. In addition to all the features in the starter plan, you will get up to 10 hours of enhancements per month. 

Studio plan -  This plan is for studios that process a large amount of audio per month. You get all our exclusive features along with our premium support. The price for this plan varies as it is personalized as dependent on the use case. 


Being a YouTuber, you might have heard of this software but if not, TubeBuddy is a chrome extension enabling YouTubers to search for SEO keywords, thumbnails, and more. The company motto is to provide YouTubers with tools to boost their productivity, and who doesn’t want that? It is trusted by more than 3,000,000 YouTube creators and is a must-have tool for YouTubers. 


Top Features 

  • Helps to boost productivity 

  • Enables copying bulk cards automatically 

  • Translates your video title and description to get more views 

  • Monitors YouTube for videos about you and your brand


TubeBuddy offers 3 exclusive plans to its users.

Pro plan - You only have to pay $7.20 per month to unveil offers to grow your business. You get features like a thumbnail generator, video topic planner, emoji picker, and many more. You can get up to 50% off if you have less than 1000 subscribers, we don’t know what is more amazing than this… 

Star plan - The plan starts at $15.20/month with additional features like sunset videos, schedule video updates, and scheduled publish as well. If you want to know about more the plan, click on the above link. 

Legend plan - Unlock the full power of TubeBuddy with this plan with just $39.20 billed monthly. Users get all the features of the pro and star plan along with exclusive customer service. You also get features like competitor upload alerts, brand alerts, and much more. 


Intro, thumbnail, and template are critical to getting more views on your content. Canva's got you covered since they provide access to top-notch thumbnail ideas, various fonts, and ready-to-use templates.


Top features 

  • Thousands of YouTube templates 

  • Drag and drop video editing tools 

  • Advanced graphics with an audio asset library 

  • Unique channel art for free 


Canva offers a free plan where you get access to a decent amount of templates and graphics. If you want to check if it’s a good fit for you, then consider the free unlimited plan. 

Pro plan - With pro you can use Canva to its fullest as you get all amazing templates and graphics. You only have to pay $12.99 for 610,000+ templates, 100GB cloud storage, scheduled social media content, and more. You along with 4 people can enjoy this plan. 

Enterprise plan - This plan will help you to manage your creative team with features like establishing your brand's visual identity, unlimited storage, and 24/7 customer support. This plan can be personalized as per your needs so contact Canva for more information about this option. 

Tube Spanner

This is another AI-based tool on our list that helps in planning your workflow automatically. It provides suggestions on how you can improve your channel and manage your content effectively. Tube Spanner's intelligent algorithms can help you with both SEO and promoting your content on your social media platforms. 


Top features 

  • Engaging comment suggestions to reply to comments faster

  • Reports and analytics to track your growth 

  • AI suggested topics for your next video that target your audience 

  • Templates for writing powerful and engaging scripts 


Tube Spanner offers 3 budget-friendly plans for its users.

Creator plan - In this plan, you get features like title generator, thumbnail generator, and more. You would have to pay  $10.75/ month to get access to this plan 

Creator Pro - Optimize your channel like a pro with this plan. Tubespanner recommends this plan for creators as you get all the features you need at just $24.17/ month. 

Agency plan - As the name suggests, this plan is best for digital agencies and MCNs. You unlock all the features the company has to offer at just $64.50/ month.  

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere is the ultimate video editing software which enables YouTubers to edit their videos like a pro. You can edit your footage either from a professional camera or from your phone. Moreover, you get the benefit of native file support, graphic templates, lightweight proxy, and much more. 


Top Features 

  • Motion graphic templates 

  • Multiple formats support 

  • Graphics and video titling 

  • Multiple videos templates 


Premiere Pro offers all the exclusive services on a $20.99 billed monthly basis. 

Wrap Up 

We hope that these recommendations will help you with your channel. Don't forget to check out their sites to learn more about these products' features and pricing details. Finally, we wish you the best of luck on your content creation journey!

Automagically Make Audio Recordings Studio Quality

Use the latest advancement in audio processing and artificial intelligence to automatically remove background noise and enhance your speech

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