How to remove background noise online- Audo Studio

How to remove background noise online- Audo Studio

Hi there. Got another issue with poor audio quality? Background noise can easily get in your audio clip and yeah it’s hard to avoid it while recording. After going through your edited clip, you would probably hear background noise of wind, hiss, static, and other interferences.  

In this latest article, we are covering every noise disturbance y’all face while recording audio online. You name it, we have it covered. And the best part, you can remove background noise without Audacity, Garageband, or Adobe Audition. We have another alternative to these software, and it’s Audo Studio. 

4 major Background Noise And How To Remove It Without Audacity 

  1. Static 

What is static in audio?

Static is an overlapping of voices that give unclear audio clips. It often comes from noisy computers or headphone issues creating disturbance for voiceovers. You will often get suggestions that you can get rid of static with audacity. But it deforms your audio quality rather than improving it. 

  1. Hiss

What is a hiss in the audio clip?

A broadband noise with much higher frequency, hiss is one of the most common background noises. Hiss is inherited to your clip due to electronic appliances like your microphone, mic, or even your computer. Even if you have quality appliances, hiss is hard to get rid of especially while recording. 

  1. Wind

Yeah, even weather is a problem for audio/video creators. Wind when comes in contact with your mic, creates low frequency which leads to nasty and probably one of the most irritating noises. You can manage it with the proper positioning of your microphone but that gets hard if the helicopter passes while you are recording. But with Audo studio, even this is possible. 

  1. Reverb 

It occurs when sound waves reflect back after hitting a hard surface. This reverb is caught by your microphone resulting in reverb. This problem is mostly faced by podcasters while recording their audio clip. 

Of course, you can avoid this by using acoustic panels but refining audio to its perfection is needed with Audo Studio.  

 Solution- Audo Studio 

Now, what is the alternative of audacity for removing all sorts of background noise from audio online? 

Here is the solution to all these noises with just 1 AI software. 

Once you have uploaded your audio, select the option <Reduce background noise> in the right corner. You can use the intensity slider up to 100 to completely remove noise and hiss.

Then click on <Apply> for the enhancements. Let the AI do the rest of the work for you. And boom! Here you have a clean and clear audio track within seconds with just 2 clicks.

You can also use the option of autotune to add a more pleasant sound effect to your audio track. Audo studio is highly beginner-friendly unlike other software like Audition or Audacity for removing hiss or any other background noise.

You don’t have to repeat the process as you get clean audio in one go with the help of AI. And Voila! Here is your clean, clear, and crisp audio clip with Audo Studio.


We think we have covered almost all your audio background noise problems and now you can edit like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Go and thank us later. 


Automagically Make Audio Recordings Studio Quality

Use the latest advancement in audio processing and artificial intelligence to automatically remove background noise and enhance your speech

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